Armed with Wings 2
Publisher: Armor Games
Size: 12.4 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
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8.6 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Are you tired of staying in your room for several hours? Why not play the Armed with Wings 2. This is a game that is very famous in the cyber world today. There are many things that you can get in playing this game. It is true that there are many virtual games that are being invented and existing today. As a gamer, you need to know if the game is worth to play. As you play, it is not that important to win the battle every time.

As you play the game, take note of its advantages. It does not mean that once you win the game, you are considered as expert. Armed with Wings 2 is about winning the game against evil.

How to play the game Armed with Wings 2?

Almost every game has a purpose to every player. It is important to know the mechanics of the Armed with Wings 2 before playing so that you will have a chance of winning over the enemy. It is very important to know the keys on the keyboard that will allow the player to move and do the attack. The game starts with a player who will only move once you press the keys going up, left, down and right. Space is intended for the player to leave the place where he stayed.

As a player, you must defend yourself from evil who want to kill you. This is in order for you to escape and go to the next level of the game. There are four blades that you need to conquer. Make sure you defeat all of the enemies who will attack you. For you to win the game, it is needed to have a sword so that the enemy will die and you will be able to guard yourself. You can use the left and right arrow in order to control your movement.

In every area of the game, there are spaces and high places. You need to avoid spaces so that you will not waste your life. Once you fall, you will immediately lose your life and that is the end of the game. If your enemy has a sword, you should also need to use one. Being a player, just press that keyboard letter C and you will have a sword.

Letter Z, X and C is for the attack. Make sure that you know all of the important keys so that you will be able to guard and defend yourself. Key D is your special sword. In playing, you need to be familiar all of these so that you will claim victory and fight your throne against enemy.

Advantages of Armed with Wings 2.

There are many benefits that the Armed with Wings 2 gives you. You can apply playing the game in true situation. There are instances that happen in your life that you need to defend yourself. You will also enjoy playing the game and will not be bored. Your memory will also be enhanced and improved.


Left - Right Arrow = Movements
Up Arrow = Jump (hold down for big jump)
Z = Punch
X = Kick
C = Sword
A = grab
S = Projectile
D = Sword Special

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