Brick Over Islands 1.0
Publisher: Puzzlehouse Finland
Size: 5.8 MB
OS: Windows 98/XP/Vista
Total Download: 430
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10 out of 10
Category: Puzzle Games
Brick Over Islands is a fun riddle game featuring an adorable penguin. It was made by Jani Parviainen in 2004, and has 30 levels. The thought of this game is to reproduce the example indicated at the base left of the screen by pushing cases (or blocks) around. This is trickier than it sounds. You can just push the cartons, not pull them, and you can just push each one in turn.

The example is regularly comprised of distinctive shading cases, and you need to place boxes in the right position. Now and again you need to bring containers from distinctive islands (henceforth the name Brick Over Islands), which makes things fascinating. You can't swim from island to island - regardless of being a penguin, despite everything you suffocate in water. Thusly, you need to give up some of your cartons to make a venturing stone in the water. The inquiry is, which cases would you be able to yield, and which cartons do you have to keep? You require 2 boxes for every venturing stone, before you can traverse to an alternate island, so arrange painstakingly.

On the off chance that you commit an error, and are not able to finish that level, simply squeeze "Departure" to have an alternate endeavor. You are permitted 3 endeavors for every level, and afterward the game will end. There is likewise a period limit for every level. On the off chance that you don't finish a level inside the allocated time, then the game will end. The time left for every level is indicated at the base right. The level you are presently on is indicated at the upper right of the screen. The capacity to spare your advancement, or utilizing passwords, would have been helpful however. At the point when the game closes, you need to begin again right from the earliest starting point, which I discovered a touch irritating.


Moving the penguin - Arrow keys
Restart the level - Esc
Delay the diversion - P
Change cam point - Tab
Cam zoom in \ out - Page Up \ Page Down
Return to principle menu - F12


On the off chance that time is running short, and you realize that you can't finish the level, it is ideal to press "Esc" to attempt that level again than to let the time run out since the game will end.

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