CLC Dream Test Drive
Publisher: Team6 Game Studios
Size: 103.1 MB
OS: Windows
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9.1 out of 10
Category: Racing Games
Driving Mercedes racing car is surely a dream of every speed car enthusiast. But most of us cannot afford to drive a real physical car because it is too expensive and out of the budget range of most of the people in the world. So here is the game for all of us to enjoy grand speed racing car, we all always dreamed of driving. CLC Test Drive Game is a new Official game by Mercedes for the promotion of their brand new Mercedes CLC.

Brief depiction of the game

The game is full of amazing real to life graphics which give you an experience of real Mercedes drive. The racing game has been set on the Streets of London where you can take the wheels and smoke the tires while enjoying stimulating racing car. The car tracks have been set at the various virtual locations in London, giving the real feel of contemporary London and enhancing the flavor of the game.

The game allows professional car racing moves and physics which makes the whole experience of racing much more enjoyable and enthralling. The game enables you to test your car racing skills in the different scenarios. In addition to this, it also gives you a golden opportunity, though virtually, to have an experience of how it would feel like driving the most amazing and powerful car models by German car making company, Mercedes Benz.

The model which has been offered for driving in the game is Mercedes Benz's latest luxury saloon model, Mercedes CLC which is power packed with horse power engine. It has an engaging design with a sporty touch.

This game makes use of the 3D graphics which are not as captivating as that of other similar car stimulation games probably because the game is basically meant for the promotion of the new car model by one of the leading Car manufacturing Company.

Game play of Mercedes CLC game

The game offers 4 different tracks on which you can test your speed racing skills. There are total six opponents in the game who will compete against your CLC Mercedes in those four numerous tracks. Initially taking the complete control of the car might be bit difficult but as you will get used to it you will definitely enjoy speed racing. On the whole, the gaming experience is good with good graphics and enjoyable speed track racing.

System Requirements for Mercedes CLC Test Drive

The game plays well on Windows 98, windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista. To get maximum pleasure from the game, you need to have at least Pentium 4 with 1000 GHZ processor and 512 MB of RAM. Moreover, a 3D Graphics card is required along with 128MB soundcard to have an enjoyable visual and hearing experience that can satisfy all your senses.

You can easily download Mercedes CLC Test Drive on your laptop or your PC and take an amazing virtual ride in one of the most stylish and fastest cars in the world.

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