FIFA 07 Demo
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc
Size: 562.5 MB
OS: Windows
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7.5 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Coming with improvement on graphics and player movements. FIFA 07 invites you to feel soccer game in more realistic way. FIFA 07 brings users the extended power to control team's gameplay. Experience the celebration of every victory in various exciting ways over rivals.

Get stunning with amazing stadium scene and noisy audiences. Explore all settings and more features of how the players run, kick, defend, and eventually take a narrow shoot towards the goal.

In this demo version, just start by clicking the Kick-Off menu and you will be presented with six popular internationl soccer teams ready to play: Barcelona (Spanish Primera), AC Milan (Italian Serie A), Manchester United (FA Premier League), Werder Bremen (German Bundesliga 1), Lyon (French Ligue 1 Orange), dan Guadalajara (Meksican 1st Division).


  • S = Pass / Switch player
  • W = Through ball / Goal keeper charge
  • A = Long pass / Sliding Tackle
  • D = Shoot / Conservative tackle
  • E = Sprint
  • Q = Trigger run / Tactics modifier
  • C = Pace control / Walk defence
  • Z = Dummy move.
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By: MANULLANG45, on July 16, 2016
I'm request el classico in fifa demo version, thanks
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