General Knowledge Quiz
Publisher: JustGames
Size: 2 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
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6.7 out of 10
Category: Educational Games
General Knowledge quiz is what you need to download in your system and enjoy the bliss of incredible gaming experience. Video games have been existing in the market for more than three decades and the fad for it is growing with each passing day. Kids love video games, but hardly do we realize that over-exposure to video games can hamper the child's ability to enhance his/her IQ level.

Undoubtedly, kids love to play video games and in today's world of internet and technology, we cannot stop them from doing so, but we can always think of alternatives where we can offer them a better scope for learning and acquiring knowledge. The concept of general knowledge quiz is not new. People have been conducting such quizzes on various levels to check the aptitude and general awareness of the participants. General knowledge quizzes are always fun and the best part about it is that even if the person fails in them, at least they can boost their general awareness.

Keeping in mind the importance of general awareness in a kid's life, even the world of the internet and technology has given a thought to the concept. General Knowledge quiz is an educational video game that offers an incredible gaming experience for the kids where they can keep themselves updated about history and other important events in the world. The best thing about the game is that you can play the game with your child and can test and grow your knowledge also.

The game is divided into several stages. With each passing stage, the questions get complicated. Every stage has a new set of quiz questions related to different happenings throughout the world. Every stage comprises of 10 questions each and the player must give seven correct answers to get qualified to the next stage. The game has a certain set of features like the intriguing smiley faces that appears after every correct or wrong answer given by you. The expressions of the smiley give a feeling as if they are the spectators who are watching the game and behaving according to your given responses.

As the game gets complicated with each passing stage, it certainly becomes a challenge for the player to prove his/her IQ for winning the game. Not only that, the game gets interesting with each passing stage and also offers a sufficient hint to the player to guess the right answers, if they are not knowledgeable about the thing. The questions are based on the facts, world news, history, celebrities, monuments, freedom fighters and a lot more that will help you explore a big world of knowledge that was unknown to you.

You just need access to Windows and Adobe flash player to play and enjoy the game. It will take only 1.99 MB of space on your system and offers you a better way to feel relaxed and yet keep your mind busy in a positive sense. Believe me, you will find it more of a stress buster that offers you a great opportunity to spend time with your kids and family.

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6.7 out of 10
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By: A.RISHI .SURYA K.BALAJUI, on February 11, 2014
respected sir,

This game is excellent...

By: madhan, on March 4, 2018
dont waste your data by downloading this game. Same question is asked repeatedly.
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