Knight of Knights
Publisher: Tomoshibi
Size: 4.8 MB
OS: Windows XP
Total Download: 2,116
User Rating:

9.2 out of 10
Category: Arcade Games
Knight of Knights is a 3D brawler with an anime-style visual outline on arcade style. The story goes around a town endangered by beasts that need to be crushed. Toward the begin a character can be picked, for example, a the blonde warrior Lapis, a samurai, a witch ... each with diverse weapons and capacities. The amusement additionally fuses an experience framework to get entrance to new highlights. The amusement has an irregular component for thing position and impacts of remedial things.

Knight of Knights is a Japanese, a free RPG diversion. The game gives you a chance to play as a warrior who has a weapon (sword, katana, hatchet, and so forth.), their own exceptional spells and capacities. Rivals are bounty: mushrooms, entertainers, a wide range of brutes, mythical serpents, which toward the starting is difficult to beat. By slaughtering foes you will discover imperative experience whereby the level of the saint is expanded, the quality and rate of the blow. At first there are two arrangements accessible - stage 0, stage 1 The first is the preparation before the ordinary games where you can freely assault the creature. Red-yellow bar, which is placed on the top demonstrates the measure of life. Blue demonstrates life vitality. Illustrations rendering, quality normal.

Controls :

Z & X = Attacks; Pressing both together will execute the special power.
C = Jump
V = Use items.
S = Pick up object or use special items
F1= show maps (in dungeon).

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9.2 out of 10
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By: Dink, on January 13, 2014
small size but good game. unexpected, gooood!
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