LEGO Batman: The Videogame DEMO
Publisher: Warner Bros.
Size: 441.9 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 134
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7.5 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
It's time for Batman and Robin to act against the villains who want to take over the Gotham city. Through this game, you will play the superhero action in the Lego world. Take a moment of fighting and combat with criminals, as well as solving puzzles along the way to the end of the game.

In addition to playing the hero, you can also play the villains. In the demo version, you will play Joker and Harley Quinn working together to solve puzzles in revealing hidden path in fantasy world. For the superhero campaign, you will play Batman and Robin in the pursuit of catwoman who just stole a diamond. Each character has special moves. Batman and Robin have special suits for certain purposes.

This is the Batman world that is applied in the Lego universe. In terms of graphics and animation, it will not be outdone by the original version. Play and feel the humouring and entertaining experience while saving the Gotham city from bandits.

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