LEGO Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures Demo
Publisher: LucasArts
Size: 464.6 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 96
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Category: Demo Games
This is a demo LEGO game that's telling the story of Indiana Jones in the episode of Raiders of The Lost Ark. Indy and his friend are in South America for an ancient artifact named Golden Idol.

There are many dangerous obstacles along the way that must be passed safely. Indy can use his whip to attack enemies as well as to swing across wide gaps. In addition, he must also solve all lego puzzles in order to proceed to the next step.

This demo game will end after Indy and his friend escape using a plane from the pursuit of enemies that also want the artifact.


  • A,D,W,S = Move.
  • K = Take control of other character.
  • H = Action / Attack.
  • J = Special / Build an object from piles of lego bricks.
  • U = Jump.
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