LaserAge Gold 2.0a
Publisher: Ingava
Size: 5.3 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 733
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8.8 out of 10
Category: Kids Games,
Space Shooter
If you enjoy computer games or arcade games, then you are sure to enjoy this space shooter game. LaserAge Gold, a game from years past, is now new and improved. It is a two-dimensional game that can be played in either the browser window or in full screen mode. With four levels, you will encounter one hundred waves of ships to shoot down.

This game is similar to the 1980s Nintendo game Galaga; however, it is more improved. In this game, your ship is based towards the bottom of the screen. The enemy spaceships are floating and descending from the top of the screen. Your goal is to try to shoot down the enemy ships without running into the crossfire. Unlike other games which require you to only navigate using the keypad, this game allows for optimum maneuverability as it gives you the opportunity to navigate by keypad or by simply moving your mouse (cursor). All fire descends horizontally so being able to navigate this way is very useful: it makes avoiding enemy fire that much easier.

As the levels and waves progress, however, shooting down the ships will become much more difficult; but have no fear. With the increasing difficulty level, your ship will become more and more efficient. From the ship shooting a single beam to attack the enemy, the ship will evolve to shoot two, three, even four or more beams at a time. Eventually, the ship will be equip to shoot out circular and laser beams towards the enemy ships. This will especially become useful when you are surprised with different, faster shooting ships further into the game. There are a total of fifteen different ship types and thirteen different power ups available.

In order to experience these power ups, you must collect the red "p" that falls down ever so often from among the enemy ships. These power ups also act as a health supply. Because the intensity of enemy fire will undoubtedly increase, collecting these power ups allows you to take on enemy fire without dying or losing the game. Each time you get hit, your ship will just be downgraded. If you are hit too many time, however, that is game over for you.

The game also features a high score tracker. It allows you to track you highest score and wave level. Before starting the game, you enter your name and email address. This gives you the ability to publicly showcase your gaming skills.

To top all of this, the game also features 24-bit graphics unlike other PC and console games that only feature 16-bit graphics. This gives you a better visual experience. The color in the graphics makes the ships and crossfire very appealing and more realistic. So if you love shoot-em up space games, LaserAge Gold is among the best.

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