Little Fighter 2 v2.0a
Publisher: Marti Wong & Starsky Wong
Size: 30.4 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 2,997
User Rating:

7.6 out of 10
Category: Action Games
In Little Fighter 2, you can play it with a group because this game can be controlled by 3-4 players using only one computer. This fighting game has 8-11 characters and they all have three special moves. The theme of the game is realistic because it has up to 8 fighters that are fighting simultaneously on the screen and the background seems like it's for real. You can enjoy this game fighting thru online playing as well as with a computer-controlled enemies or opponents.

It is very easy to play Little Fighter 2 because the characters can be controlled by using your keyboard or your gamepad, and you can also set all the keys by a configuration menu. It features a game mode, which includes the usual championship plus the fighters are equally divided into 2, 3, or even up to 4 groups. There is a demo mode that creates a random teams of the computer-controlled characters or players which allows you to experience a zero-player game.

To restore the player's health points, there are items that would fall to assist the players. There are also various weapons that the players can use during combat times. These weapons can be a knife, baseball bat, baseballs, hoes, crates and many more. Your dream of becoming a great fighter is no longer a dream. It can now be a reality when you play the Little Fighter 2 where you can experience the ultimate jam-packed action game adventure.

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7.6 out of 10
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