Red Eclipse v1.5.8 - Elysium Edition
Publisher: Red Eclipse
Size: 840.8 MB
OS: Windows
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6.3 out of 10
Category: First Person Shooter (FPS)
Red Eclipse
Red Eclipse v1.5.8 - Elysium Edition
Red Eclipse is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping and unique MMOFPS set in a futuristic and abstract theme that features jetpacks, parkour, sword fights and, of course, plenty of shooting. It has a plethora of user-created maps (yes, you can create your own maps too!) and futuristic-looking weapons in addition to the usual weapons(plasma gun, anyone?). Moreover, the game can be played either in solo, where everyone is fair game or in a team, where friendly fire is not allowed. Similarly to many MMOFPS games, Red Eclipse is fairly easy to learn, despite having absolutely no tutorials (even in its practice matches), but the game still contains plenty of elements (like knowing the layout of the map) for dedicated players to master.

What sets Red Eclipse from the other MMOFPS? Well, it's the crazy amount of map customisations that you can choose from! Generally, each match can be customised in terms of game mode and mutator. Game modes consist of the many archetypes of MMOFPS gameplay, such as capture-the-flag, defend-the-flag and deathmatch. There are a couple more unconventional game modes, like bomber ball - it's technically a game of rugby (or American football if you will), but you'll be using a bomb as the ball!

For mutators, there are even more choices for you to choose from and the best part? You can choose more than 1 mutator! Mutators basically change the gameplay of a normal arena shooter gameand may increase the game's difficulty by adding interesting elements into the mix.For instance, the vampire mutator will allow players to deal damage and regenerate health. There are plenty of other mutators like onslaught, whereby the entire arena will be swamped by waves of enemies, making the game feels like a tower-defense in addition to the FPS aspect of the game; or medieval, whereby the usual gun fight is swapped out for a sword fight instead! There is even a mutator, aptly named as 'kaboom', in which all players are equipped with grenades onlyas well as a jetpack mutator,whereby you can engage in some seriously-awesome aerial shootouts.

While playing, there are some items that you can pick up,like grenades and land mines that are very useful when creating an ambush for your opponents. Furthermore, the maps in Red Eclipse also offer inconspicuous teleporting stations where you can be teleported to elevated and, otherwise,inaccessible locations, giving you a bird's eye view of the land. These special locations may also contain a special one-use-only item - the coveted rocket launcher! This is the ultimate weapon in Red Eclipse and, when used at opportune moments, you can get double or triple kills with just 1 shot!

In summary, Red Eclipse stands out from the MMOFPS genre by giving its players more game customisability and a whole lot of other goodies (like custom map creation), making it insanely addictive and fun! This is definitely a game that you mustn't miss out on! Try it today!

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