3 Foot Ninja
Publisher: MiniClip
Size: 1.6 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Flash Player
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8.2 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Prepare yourself with sword of japanese samurai to help ninja kid to defend his self from unique and monstrous opponents. Collect any bonus and gold as much as possible and reveal the hidden secret of ancient ninja masters in ninja world.

Your enemies come from many branch of karate skilled school. They also come from dangerous ancient creatures ready to slam you down to earth. Do not let them do that on you. Your sword has been sharpened very well. Your training has passed succesfully through skilled martial masters. This is the time to prove your ability through unbeatable opponents. And you can do it right now.

3 Foot Ninja game gives you special moves to destroy enemies. Use them effectively and efficiently. They also have powerful weapons and attacks. So combination of attacks and defense will make it further and even beyond. It also provides the health potions for use when facing decreasing stamina. Once you are on the stage, there is no going back anymore.


- Arrows: Movements
- A: Swing Sword
- S: Throw Stars
- D: Jab Sword

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8.2 out of 10
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By: A.RISHI SURYA &K.BALAJI.THIRUV, on February 11, 2014
respected sir,

all game this site is very very intresting....i like all game .excellent..

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