ABC Kid Genius 5.3
Publisher: ABC Kid Genius
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Computer is not only good for entertaining children but it can also help in educating them as well. This is due to games that can teach children basic knowledge and skills. One of the educational games is known to be the ABC Kid Genius. It is a small yet innovative game that is primarily designed to help parents teach their children all the letters in the alphabet little by little. Not only that, this program can also help your children to learn the basic skills in counting.

ABC Kid Genius Key Features

ABC Kid Genius offers spectacular features that parents and children will truly enjoy and these are as follows:

  • Learning

    The use of this program can help you in teaching your kids with regards to the letters of the alphabet, counting, spelling, reading and many others within a short span of time. Hence, this is truly a complete tool in teaching children.

  • Tools

    ABC Kid Genius can also help kids to master computer keyboard at their young age as well as the use of video clips and images. ABC Kid Genius even allows you to sharpen education of children in an interesting and fun way.

  • Interface

    ABC Kid Genius offers intuitive and friendly interface which makes it easy and simple to use. The fact that all the menu and programs in this program are graphically displayed in its interface.

How ABC Kid Genius Can Help Your Child?

ABC Kid Genius offers simple and detailed interface. This is essential for easy navigation of the children which makes it simple for them to make use of this program all the time. There are several tools it offers. For instance, there are random letters that can be typed in and as you do it, a voice reads its character in a loud voice. If there are some buttons that are pushed by mistake, a cartoonish voice will be heard and opt to give you a sign to try it again.

Alternatively, ABC Kid Genius can immediately display the alphabet letters and the children needs just to press the right button to move it forward. Similar programs will come with the alphabet song thus teaching children easily. Apart from teaching them the alphabet letters, this can also help your child to learn how to count. Thus, this can act as an effective learning aid or a first introduction to your children in the world of education.

The Bottomline

ABC Kid Genius is truly a nice and convenient program that comes in handy especially if you have small children that are now approaching to their school going age. Even if you don't have the experience of using this program, any troubles when working or installing it, will not be evident since it has intuitive apps and layout for its overall simplicity. This program is fully functional, free and easy to use software that is suitable for children of all ages. This offers teaching children the basic skills of recognizing the alphabet letters, counting, and reading, spelling with the use of video, pictures and sound.

Thus, ABC Kid Genius is great for children who wanted to learn advanced skills that they may use in school. Parents are assured that their kids can completely learn from this program and can sharpen their mind before they enter schooling stage. Thus, spare time to make use of this program in educating your children today!

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