Aces of the Galaxy
Size: 48.5 MB
OS: Windows
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10 out of 10
Category: Space Shooter
Aces of the Galaxy is a non-stop space shooter game in which you play as a pilot of a space craft and get involved in the space battle against massive number of enemy war crafts.

Use three kinds of weapons at the same time : chain gun, cluster missiles, and torpedos to send huge impact on enemies. Use mouse to stay away from shot shower by moving the pointer to the left or right side of the screen.

Make sure to collect powerups once they appear on the screen as they are helpful to improve weapons or to repair ships, increasing possibility to stay alive until the end of the level.


  • Mouse = Aim.
  • Left Click = Fire chain gun.
  • Right Click = Fire cluster missiles.
  • Shift = Fire torpedos.
  • Ctrl / Alt = Barrel roll left/right.
  • Z = Use scanner.
  • Spacebar = Temporal shift.
  • Esc = Pause.
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