Age of Mythology Trial
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Size: 337.2 MB
OS: Windows
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10 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
If you ever play Age of Empires games, then you will easily adapt to this game. Using the same genre and slighlty the same structure, Age of Mythology tries to present different world to gamers. The differences are located at the characters which introduce myths and legends of the ancient creatures and civilizations from Egyptian, Greek, and Norse.

In Age of Mythology, every campaign has more than one story. Conquering enemies in one map will not finish the campaign, instead you are redirected to another map and story which is the continuance from previous map. This adds even more interesting challenges and make you love to play longer.

As the game presents lifes from the age of myths and legends, you can produce unique characters that you may not even know before. For example you can create characters of pegasus, cyclops, minotaurs, hydras, centaurs, and so forth. You will also get used to giant animals such as kraken and scorpion.

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