Ahriman's Prophecy
Publisher: Amaranthia.com
Size: 9.9 MB
OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3
Total Download: 1,228
User Rating:

7.9 out of 10
Category: Role Playing Game (RPG)
In Ahriman's Prophecy, Talia which is just a child of peasant, will take epic journey to reveal and solve the secret of a prophecy that the kingdom will be destroyed by an evil demon, Ahriman. You will control Talia in her quest to change the destiny of people by stopping the dangers in the future.

Even though it's not an easy task, but she has everything to unlock the mystery. Ask everybody around you to get any information. The more information you get, the better you would understand the story plot and you will be easier to plan what to do to win the game.

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7.9 out of 10
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