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Publisher: Media Contact LLC
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OS: Windows
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8.3 out of 10
Category: Educational Games
Air Typer is such an educational fun-giving typing game. Its design has simple controls, lively music, and vibrant graphics. As a shooting game, the main purpose of Air Typer is to get rid of hot air balloons and blimps before they cross to the screen's left side or pass by the airplane. You are required to type the letters and words that appear on the balloons and blimps; thus, they are shot down and you accumulate points. However, the faster and accurately you type increase your points. If you are so slow that many enemies get to the other side of the screen, you will lose the game.

Air Typer has three difficulty modes- easy, normal, and insane. As the level increases, the words you would be required to type would become longer, and enemies would become many and rush at you. Good thing about AirTyper is that you have a weapon referred to as "Zapper." What this weapon does is to help you overcome the difficulty brought by the enemies' increased speed and numbers.

Zapper would help you clear the entire screen of enemies represented by the blimps and balloons. But you cannot deploy Zapper until the lower left corner bar of the screen is full. If you wish to improve your typing speed and skills, it is a good practice to avoid using Zapper as Air Typer does not have any button to disable it.

The game offers you complete benefits of typing practice. If you are a parent or an educator, Air Typer is an excellent and friendly tool you can use to train young children on typing.

How to Play

  • Choose "New Game" on the menu page and the game will start showing the 3D mountain landscape and an airplane hovering on the left side.
  • Left click your mouse to start the game. As you type the word or letter of any of the balloons or blimps, the airplane levels to the balloon or blimp with a firing sound, although no firing is visible, the balloons or blimps disappear.
  • Be quick to type the words or letters carried by the balloons before they move past the airplane. If three balloons cross to the other side of the screen, you lose the game.

There are displays on the screen to indicate statistics such as:

  • Miles Left- It indicates the distance to cover before completing the level.
  • Missing Enemies- It indicates the number of balloons that crossed to the other side of the screen.
  • Level- the present level of the game
  • Score- Your score
  • Zapper- When it is full, it is a weapon to zap group of balloons when the balloons are too many to type their words.
When a level is complete or over, the game will display your total score and typing accuracy percentage.
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