Alien Arena 2006 - Uranium Edition
Publisher: COR Entertainment
Size: 171.7 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 614
User Rating:

6.7 out of 10
Category: First Person Shooter (FPS)
A game that can elevate your enthusiasm and excitement is now here and is ready for download. With already many downloads, this new game, Alien Arena 2006 - Uranium Edition has evolved and improved for better multipurpose shooting. Developed by COR Entertainment, this latest edition of Alien Arena includes 5 game play modes: TDM, DM, Deathball, All Out Assault and CTF, 34 maps, 6 mutators: rocket arena, regen, excessive, vampire, low grav and instagib, 9 character players to select from and 8 weapons, each of which with an alternate mode for firing. All these cool features are wrapped up in a retro sci-fi gaming theme along with updated and modern visual effects. Additionally, this newest edition provides a level editor and a fresh Galaxy server browser that include an IRC client in order to connect you to a certain channel where players could meet and brain storm about clan matches and wars.

Game Developer: COR Entertainment

With its thirty levels, this game has an everlasting offer of replayability. Perceived as the sequel to the CodeRED in year 2004, Alien Arena 2006 - Uranium Edition is so much more than that. With the tribulations and trials of its software development, gathering feedbacks, eternal playing hours, COR Entertainment has not only able to perfect and fine tune its flagship game, but completely add fresh dimensions to it.

CRX Engine

Utilizing the CRX engine based from the source code of Id GPL, this game now includes fresh effects like multitexture combine, light blooms, texture particles, reflective water, 32-bit color, stainmaps, shaders, fog, vertex lighting on models and a lot more! Incorporated in the game is a simple to utilize browser in which permits you to ask data with regard to each server. A colored player names and Q3 style console has as well been added. The greatest thing about the CRX now is its speed and netcode. Even in reserved system or high ping servers, you can get outstanding movement and frame rates quickly and smoothly.


Another new feature in this Alien Arena 2006 - Uranium Edition is the Deathball. It is a game play mode wherein the player can acquire ten flags for grasping a ball and then shooting it inside the goal. Never forget about the newly refined and improved other gaming modes too like the Team Deathmatch, All Out Assault (wherein players are allowed to enter vehicles) and the Capture the Flag which are all fun and exciting modes.

Bot AI

For every release of a new version, the Bot AI is improved. For this newest edition, several enhancements have been done. These bots are among the toughest and most human acting bots in any game. They can be completely configured utilizing an external editor so that skill levels can be inputted in game.

If you want the game now, simply download it for free online. It only has a small memory storage capacity and fast downloading time, making one great choice for those who are always on a gaming mode!

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