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Publisher: GameTop
Size: 20 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 5,192
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8.2 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Alien Shooter is a shooting action game against monsters/aliens that have taken control of a military base in a particular area. This game is classified as a third person shooter where players just look from top to down while playing the main character.

You as the player will do a mission to face the monster alone without help of others. Defeating monsters gives you the possibility to upgrade weapons with bigger and more powerful ones. Also available ammo and health that player can take after defeating some monsters.

The graphics are pretty good. You can change the graphics quality into Low, Medium, or High according to your computer's capacity. Also there is an option whether the blood shows red color or green one. If you dont like to see red blood, then you can set so that the blood looks green. That way the game doesn't looks like having violence elements.

When the game starts, you can choose to start a new game or continue the previous game progress. If you select a new game, you can choose whether you play as a man or a woman . Also you need to enter your name then choose the game mode. There are two choices of game mode, ie Campaign and Survive.

In Campaign mode, player must explore entire rooms to defeat all monsters. Shoot a variety of crates to get hidden ammo or health. In Survive mode, player will be placed outdoors or in an open field, then the monster will come to attack you one by one. The amount will increase bit by bit, and kinds of monster you never seen before appear and aggress.

The main controls you will often use are arrow keys for moving, number keys for selecting weapons, left-click for shooting and right-click for moving. Combination of left-click and right-click are quite handy choices.

The system requirements for this game are minimum of Windows 95/98, 800 MHz of processor and 1 GB of Ram.

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