Alter Ego
Publisher: RetroSouls Team
Size: 59.9 MB
OS: Windows
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Category: Puzzle Games
Alter Ego isn't your typical platformer. Here, you control not one, but two heroes – a champion and their enigmatic mirrored self, the alter ego. Their fates are intertwined, their movements a dance of perfect reflection.

Alter Ego takes you on a mesmerizing journey across 25 levels, each more intricate than the last. As you progress, the mirrored world reveals its secrets, challenging your dexterity and logical agility.

Within this mirrored maze, players encounter various challenges, each demanding a unique approach. Some levels mirror movements horizontally, testing your ability to navigate through mirrored landscapes. Others flip the script, mirroring actions vertically, adding a layer of complexity to your journey.

The objective? Collect all the jumping pixels strewn across each level. While most pixels can only be grasped by the hero, others, distinguished by their vibrant hue, are exclusive to the alter ego. It's a delicate dance of coordination and timing as players switch between their hero and alter ego, strategically maneuvering to snatch every pixel in sight.

But beware, lurking amidst the shadows are malevolent skulls, poised to thwart your progress. One wrong move, one ill-timed step, and you risk losing a precious attempt. With only five attempts at your disposal, every move must be calculated, every decision deliberate.

Yet, amidst the challenges lies opportunity. For every five levels conquered, an extra attempt is bestowed upon the brave soul daring to unravel the mysteries of "Alter Ego." And should the need arise, a lifeline awaits in the form of a restart option, albeit at the cost of an attempt.

So, embrace the duality, master the mirroring, and guide the hero and alter ego to pixel-perfect victory in this captivating game. Remember, in this mirrored realm, every move echoes twice.


  • Arrow keys = Move.
  • Space = Swap hero and alter ego.
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