Arasan v24.2.2
Publisher: Jon Dart
Size: 35.5 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 1,214
User Rating:

10 out of 10
Category: Board Games
Are you a chess enthusiast? Do you love playing chess? Then try out Arasan. It is an exclusively designed chess game which is lightweight. It makes it possible for you to play your favorite chess game against AL opponent. The build of the game is suitable for the beginners as well as the advanced level chess players which lets them enjoy the real game of chess.

Keep your focus on the game play with simple GUI design

Arasan has a user friendly, easy and simple interface which is easy to use and play. The game consists of the chess board selection on which you can clearly view and move the chess pieces. It also provides you with different commands and settings options to choose from. You will also get to see the section which offers information about the game.

You can move the chess pieces by using the mouse and can choose the colour of the pieces with which you want to play. You can save the games, copy the moves and it even allows exporting of the game moves into a text file.

Moves offered by the game

It is one of its kind chess games which offer you thousands of moves. It is exclusively build for the true chess masters and passionate players so you can expect brilliant moves from it. The game will thoughtfully think its move while you are making yours. If you think that it's taking excessive time to think you can order it to hurry up. It offers more than 200,000 moves to its players which is definitely matchless.

Compatibility of Arasan

Arasan possess the native user interface as well as a console base chess engine which you can use with the xBoard or with Winboard. It also works well with Arena, with other free interfaces for chess and with programs that are UCI-compatible such as Shredder, Fritz and Chessbase.

Simple, easy and intelligent chess waiting for your game play

Arasan is a fantastic game for chess lovers. It has all the elements of a neat, sleek and intelligent chess game play. Though the game does not offer very attractive or some fancy kind of graphics and visuals but if your focus is on getting a real chess game challenge and looking for a tough and competitive match, then Arasan has lots to offer. With its tremendous array of move offerings and easy to use settings and interface, you can enjoy the real-time game of chess alone or with your friends. Challenge them to take a move or test your intelligence by playing chess with computer as opponent!

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