Arcuz 2
Publisher: Armor Games
Size: 65.2 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
Total Download: 8,313
User Rating:

8.8 out of 10
Category: Role Playing Game (RPG)
When you want to play a game, you want a one of a kind experience that will always keep you coming back for more and more. Arcuz 2 is a game that provides you with exactly just that, since it allows you to take the role of a small hero with a big heart whose main purpose is to try and look into the dungeon in his village and save the world from the horrors that are going to happen.

Arcuz 2 is, at its core, an action adventure experience with lots of RPG elements. In this game you will be able to create your own hero and then guide him in a one of a kind adventure through perilous locations and dangerous enemies, all with the main purpose of putting a dangerous enemy aside for good.

The game starts off easy, with a few attacks towards your region, but you immediately understand that there's much more at stake in this regard, and you will need to fully arm yourself in order to face the enemies the right way.

This game is one of a kind because it allows you to grab experience points and gain loot as you battle your enemies, but unlike many Flash based games you have the opportunity to fully enjoy the liberty of exploring the level as you see fit.

Controls in Arcuz 2 are very interesting, in fact you have the opportunity to control your main character with WASD, as well as use the J button to attack and K to jump. Yes, unlike many such games, Arcuz 2 manages to implement a platforming element as well into the story and gameplay, an interesting and astonishing achievement that makes the whole experience well worth it!

As you go through the game, you will be able to select your own path. You can become a mage that uses lots of spells if you want, and you can even go to town in order to sell the loot that you accumulate as you play.

Just like in any other RPG, you get the ability to invest in various skills for your character, skills that can be used in order to deal with the more dangerous enemies! As you kill enemies, you will get better loot that can be used to kill enemies as fast as you can. Alongside that, you are also entitled to solve numerous quests along the way, quest that will bring you a constant mission of saving people from the monsters.

Arcuz 2 is a highly intense and very appealing experience that you will enjoy from day 1. This is not a game to play for a few rounds, instead it's a title that will keep you hooked for hours and hours as you try to get further into the story and increase your level. We liked Arcuz 2 a lot, and we recommend you to give it a shot, since this is one epic adventure that everyone needs to live!


WASD/Arrow Keys: Move
J: Attack
K: Jump

U/I/O/L: Spell skills
1/2/3: Use potions/town portals
C: Characters
V: Skills
B: Inventory
N: Quest
M: Map

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8.8 out of 10
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By: raven heart, on August 21, 2020
what the hell i cant save my progress once i close the game and re open it will go back to new game no matter what save option you use it still go back to new game the hell is this i like silvergames cos it save your progress although there is no free adobe flash player
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