Ardentryst 1.7
Publisher: Jordan Trudgett
Size: 26.6 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 3,119
User Rating:

8.3 out of 10
Category: Role Playing Game (RPG)
Ardentryst is an interesting game that Jordan Trudgett wrote in Python and pygame programming languange. It can easily run on Linux, OSX, and Windows. It has RPG features such as abilities, attributes, and an inventory system that raises the complexity of in-game play. You play the levels in sequence as you learn new skills and gather more points through by conquering the enemies.

The game, Ardentryst, is an action game that focuses on an imaginary world by the same name. The player follows through a storyline in which he/she is expected to play a major role in upholding peace and order. The game presents two playable characters- Pyralis and Nyx, different forms of weapons, items, monsters, and attractive level scenery and graphics.

One of the powerful mages in Ardentryst was overcome by greed for power and eventually became corrupt. Radkelu, the evil mage went after the good mages and turned them to stone. He also called up a horde of creatures that came out from every portal all over the land. These evil creatures roamed the cities and everyone in the village fled. Afterwards, Radkelu went into hiding in a cave on top of a snowy mountain near Snodom. Kiripan's rescue is now left in the hands of the brave ones in Sempridge and Entarya.

Fortunately, there are two youngsters who want to rescue the city. The first of them is Pyralis, a 12-Arden-year old courageous adventurer, whose parents were killed in the Nightbringer's attack on Kiripan. He is filled the vengeance for his parents. The other person is Nyx, who is a bookworm and an astrological queen. She is the daughter of Entaryan Queen Amee, just 13-Arden-year old, and an apprentice mage. These are the characters you play as in Ardentryst.

How to Play Ardentryst

Ardentryst requires strategy and reflexes to win the game. The game's home page has menus for easy navigation. You get to start a new quest or resume quest, if you left off.

Starting a new quest, you get to enter your name and password, and you are to choose to play as one of the two characters to rescue Kiripan.

Nyx has 6, 13, 18, and 0 points for Strength, Endurance, Magic and Luck respectively; while Pyralis has 15, 14, 8, and 0 points Strength, Endurance, Magic, and Luck respectively. You, however, are given 12 points to share the areas mentioned.

Keys and Actions

  • C to Attack
  • C, X to Lunge
  • D to focus magic
  • D, S in quick succession to unleash basic magic, fire attack or ice attack (Use UP and DOWN arrow keys to make it wave)
  • Z to open a treasure box
  • Hold W and then either UP/DOWN to look up or down, in order to avoid loose rocks and pitfalls.
Special Skills When Attacking in Ardentryst
  • Spin-slash: Hold down key X, press C continuously as you toggle UP and RIGHT arrow keys
  • Blaze: Make a multiple combo clicks on D and S
  • Teleport: Hold down X, Press C and toggle UP and RIGHT arrow keys in quick succession.
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