Armed With Wings
Publisher: Armor Games
Size: 19.2 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 1,466
User Rating:

6.7 out of 10
Category: Action Games
It is time for the dark knight to eradicate the rebellion armies. Explore all areas and fight against enemies to conquer the kingdom. Bring justice and peace to the empire and kill enemies outside the kingdom.

Being accompanied by a strong and trained eagle, the knight has uneasy responsibility to reveal all puzzles and obstacles in front-line. He must beat opponents one by one and finally will face the king of the rebellion which has superior fighting skill.

Beside playing in action genre, you will also be served a number of puzzles in the sense of finding proper ways to open obstacles along the path. The eagle frequently has contribution to solve the puzzle. Let it fly to find a rock that will be used to open a gate. It can also be useful to shift the attention of guards and help you finish every level sooner.

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6.7 out of 10
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By: armed wing wins, on March 11, 2020
the game is not working in 6th stage
"Good Game"
By: Rahut Kapoor, on March 11, 2020
such a nice game that i don't go out of my home very often now
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