AssaultCube Reloaded 2.7   pick
Publisher: AssaultCube Reloaded Task Force
Size: 66.7 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 11,212
User Rating:

8.7 out of 10
Category: First Person Shooter (FPS)
AssaultCube Reloaded
AssaultCube Reloaded 2.7
Assault Cube Reloaded is a 3D first person shooter game that is expanded from the game Assault Cube. This is a portable game. Just extract the zip file into a folder then run/double-click the "Client.bat" file to start playing without installing.

You can play singleplayer against bots (opponents controlled by computer) or multiplayer against friends through computer network/LAN or via internet.

There are seven gamemodes available: deadmatch, capture the flag, secure the flag, hunt the flag, keep the flag, bomber, and zombie.


- W, A, S, D = Move
- Mouse = Fire
- ESC = Open Main Menu


  • To install:
    • Extract the zip file into a new folder.
    • Inside "bin_win32" folder, rename "openal32_RemoveThisPartToUseOpenAL-Soft.dll" to "openal32.dll".
  • To play:
    • Run file "Client.bat".
    • While in the game, press 'Esc' key to show "Main Menu", select 'Singleplayer', then "Bot Control" and then "Automatically control".
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8.7 out of 10
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"better than assaultcube"
By: nouri, on January 14, 2014
after playing this game, i conclude this is better than the original assaultcube. while firing, gun is stable and calm to play. good for this game.
"version 2.18.2 has virus"
By: Nash, on June 15, 2023
the latest version is 2.18.2. It is infected with Gen:Variant.Johnnie.304546 virus, detected by Bit Defender Antivirus. So you must stick with version 2.7.
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