Axis & Allies Demo
Publisher: Atari
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OS: Windows
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10 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Axis & Allies represents the World War II in real time strategy game platform. Axis & Allies is developed by TimeGate Studios and released by Atari Games. In this demo version, user can play tutorial missions and an Allies campaign (Battle of Stallingrad).

To win a game session, your main mission is to destroy all enemy military soldiers and headquarter on map. Build strong forces first while getting ready for enemy attack. When number of soldiers and battle vehicles are sufficient, bring them to enemy base for aggression.

Use mouse to select a soldier or a military building, then click any button available for specific interaction. Complete the tutorial missions entirely to understand how to manage your forces. There are various military structures and game rules that need to understand before playing the battle campaign. It also provides the custom mode where you can start the combat with choices at your own will.

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