Batman Returns for SNES 1.0
Publisher: GameFabrique
Size: 1.5 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 21,103
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9.4 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Batman is one of the most admired fiction heroes. Batman game has always been the hottest among the people of all ages. Batman, the Dark Knight is again back with a big bang with a new game "Batman Returns". This game is better than all its previous versions. Batman Returns for SNES has been developed by Konami exclusively for the Nintendo. It is an ultimate battle between the bat, the cat and their enemy, The Penguin.

The story line of the game

The background of the game has been set in the town of the Gotham City. The Christmas celebrations are going on a night before Christmas. The mayor has set up and planned a conventional ceremony of tree-lightning. But Penguin's gang has a chaotic plan to devastate the event. For this, they hide themselves in a giant gift box and pop-out of it at the time of the ceremony, frightening the people and spreading fear. That seems to be a situation which calls for Dark Knight! Gotham City is in danger and you need to stock up your Batman utility belt with the sufficient amount of heat to combat the numerous fighting techniques of The Penguin and his minions.

Theme of the Game

The game has a crime fighting theme as it was in the previous versions of the game. It is full of action sharing quite many features with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game of Konami. This game has less focus on the moves of the Batman and more focus has been kept on the beating up of enemies and street fighting.

Stages of the game

Only one player can play the Batman Return game. It is a game with side scroller. Majority of the enemies die with just a single attack keeping aside the enemy bosses. They can also be instantly killed if you have the sufficient power ups. In total, there are 6 stages of the game which you have to complete one by one to reach the final stage, facing and killing the enemies in different scenarios at each stage.

Fighting weapons and ad-ons

There are numerous fighting weapons which you will get as you move forward. You will get the fire hydrants, heat seeking bataring, smoke bombs, bats and the boxes for keeping the items which are usually carried in the utility belt of Batman. A batman hook will also be provided to your while playing the game similar to the one you see in the movie. It will help you to reach the higher places where you will not be able to jump.

Majority of these will prove quite helpful for combating the enemies but many of them will not affect the enemy bosses. For killing them you need to gain extra power. There are not many of the tough bosses which you have to combat in the game. The tougher ones will be the Huge Clown, Cat woman and the Penguin with his Big Duck Ride.

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By: ritik, on July 16, 2017
ali tkr game downloard ta ni kito pr lagada badia hi ongi meri coment parneo kne mera na sabu hei me hp ch hei mera ghar panchrukhi rajot ch hei
"Kuch kuch ho ta hai"
By: Saf Khan, on July 17, 2017
मैं इस खेल को प्यार करता हूँ
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