Publisher: Inputwish
Size: 5.9 MB
OS: Windows
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6.7 out of 10
Category: Simulation Games
A well-known company wants to hire a driver who is able to drive safely to deliver their products. It is time for you to prove that you can control every type of car that is offered to you to drive as one of the conditions for acceptance.

In each scenario/level, you are given a car and have to take it to a target location inside a virtual city. The direction is indicated by a yellow arrow on the game screen. It would be better to observe more on the map before starting the trip and determine a good route so you don't get stuck on the way.

In some places, you can find gas stations and car services if you need them. Those public facilities can be seen clearly on the map. Avoid colliding with other cars or hitting the road roadblocks and surrounding buildings.


  • Arrow keys = Accelerate, left/right, brake.
  • Q = Headlights.
  • CTRL = Horn.
  • C = Switch camera views.
  • Tab = Map.
  • Shift + Tab = Minimap.
  • Esc = Display menu.
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