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In arcade-puzzle games where creativity in thinking is needed much to solve any challenges, one of the new games that offers you that kind of pleasure is: Bennu, a physics game developed by Once a Bird, has its own method to give player the excitement of playing a puzzle game.

The core of Bennu lies on the ordinary premise yet addictive. You will have a ball with chain in your hand. Your mission? Just swing to the left and right, hanging on the wall and the stones, with the main target is to remove all those stones or barrier blocks from the screen.

One thing that differentiates Bennu from other arcade-puzzle games is its cooperative gameplay mode. You can work together with friends and overcome challenges together. Co-op mode provides greater opportunities for extra strategy as you and a partner coordinate movements and chain swings to maximize the chances of successfully completing the objectives of the mission at hand.

Destroyable barrier blocks come in different colors, and you have to choose the right color object to take them down. After choosing the right color option, the next step is to move the chain ball to hit the blocking bricks and destroy them.

Bennu is more than just its unique gameplay mechanics. It also provides more intense gaming experience. It offers a captivating soundtrack that will have you tapping your feet to the beat as it swings, crashes and conquers. The 3D graphics are truly spectacular too, immersing you in a world of bright colors and detailed environments, bringing every block and chain to life.

In conclusion, Bennu by Once a Bird is more than a simple game. It combines innovation, cooperation, strategy, and deeper thinking in one puzzle game. And with its impressed gameplay, soundtrack, and graphics, it would be the prove and dedication for the developer. So, if you are looking for challenging adventure game, you can try Bennu. Take your chain ball, and swing through the surrounding walls and blocks and enjoy the different sensations.

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