Bionicle Heroes Demo
Publisher: Eidos
Size: 326.7 MB
OS: Windows
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8.3 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Besides fun to be played by adults, Bionicle Heroes is also suitable for kids as the game involves the combination of light puzzle-solving and interesting lego game.

Even though it looks like a shooting game at first glance, Bionicle Heroes is quite easy to play. The enemies aren't too hard to beat. And the hero will automatically aim his weapon at the enemy, so that the player only needs to do a mouse click and the laser shot will hit the enemy accurately without difficulty.

The types of weapons can vary according to the type of mask being used. Various kinds of masks can be obtained by tracing the surrounding area which is not too large to explore. Changing weapon power is done by scrolling the mouse wheel button.

Throughout the game, you will find lego constructions that need to be rearranged. Some of these constructions are the main keys to go into the next level. The main lego construction requires you to activate "hero mode" which is marked by the full score meter.

And at the end of this demo game, you have to defeat the boss, Guurahk, the protector of the coastline. So in short, from the beginning all you have to do is to find Guurahk by building all main lego constructions to open gate, and kill all minions for completing the score meter in order to switch to hero mode.


  • Arrow keys = Move.
  • Left Click = Fire.
  • Right Click = Solve lego puzzle.
  • Mouse Wheel = Switch power/mask.
  • Spacebar = Hero mode.
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