Brutal Chess 0.5.2
Publisher: Brutal Chess
Size: 5.4 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Total Download: 5,595
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9.6 out of 10
Category: Board Games
Brutal chess is a free inspired chess game which lets you play against the computer as well as a real partner. Brutal Chess is a difficult computer game that runs on an advanced particle engine. Classical strategic chess games are well known among chess players but it's a smooth running chess game with its aesthetic 3d design. If you are searching for anyone to play the chess game with you, then your search ends, now. Brutal Chess is perfect chess game which adds realism in your digital gaming.

When you download Brutal Chess you will face a clear and comfortable visual level with a three dimensional board and pieces. You can move your pawn, horse, bishop and all other figures just by clicking on it. You are able to play this game even if you are not aware of all the tricks of chess as by clicking on a piece it will take its place where it have to be set. Its features include Amazing 3D graphics, Advanced particle engine, Pretty chess pieces, and many different intelligent levels.

Brutal Chess also offers you to choose some beautiful chess piece designs and 3d graphics to give your game a better attractive look as you want. Brutal chess has effect of realism which can be clearly felt by effect of shadow of all pieces. In addition to this, the ability to rotate your board by changing the position of camera adds thrill in your game. History arrows are also there to let you know about your previous moves.

Brutal Chess doesn't include any brutality system, contrary to its name. But its excellent and amazing graphics offers its player with a unique and aesthetic platform which is most challenging and exactly different from its name. When you launch the game to play, you are lost in the world of chess due to its polished shiny board and a dark background. All the pieces are shiny and well glossed with shadows and reflections on the board and can be clearly distinguished from each other due to its opaque design.

Definitely you will have a good entertaining time while playing the Brutal Chess as it provides its players full challenging platform to beat your opponent. You will need to follow the rules and tricks in order to beat your opponent. Making the same basic movements all the time will lead you towards defeat. You must be able to anticipate your opponent's game in order to win.

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