Burning Thirst
Publisher: Burning Thirst
Size: 126 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Total Download: 6,323
User Rating:

9.1 out of 10
Category: Action Games
With more and more games nowadays being focused on helping us pursue a certain mission, Burning Thirst is a title that tries to enrich the genre with a new, nice twist. This is a game about survival, ideals and following your dreams in the best possible way.

What does Burning Thirst bring to the table? Simply put, this is an action game where we play the role of Joe Blades, a former aircraft pilot that, after a crash, finds himself stranded in an unknown place. However, Joe is on a mission, to obtain the last possible whisky bottle from this location.

Unfortunately for him, there are numerous mutants lead by Bruce Krauser that will try to stop Joe from fulfilling his mission, and this is where the great gameplay comes in front! Burning Thirst focuses a lot on the interaction and extraordinary appeal that the title has, and it definitely manages to bring many unique, interesting twists to the genre.

Burning Thirst is an action game that has a ton of brutal fighting involved, so the combat is very intense and certainly rewarding, so all gamers will definitely appreciate it! What makes the combat so fun is surely the fact that it focuses mostly on using contact weapons that are provided in true God of War fashion, with fun results as you play.

While playing, you will be able to use your current skills and acquire new ones, with the main purpose being to kill the mutants as fast as possible so you can get to the last existing whisky battle.

The level design in Burning Thirst is extraordinary, with lots of appealing, unique gameplay moments that you will appreciate. At the same time, the game also focuses on bring you multiple short as well as medium range attacks that allow you to obliterate the enemies from existence, and you can rest assured that the results are very impressive to say the least.

With its God of War-like combat, Burning Thirst always manages to keep you glued to the screen as you seamlessly and curiously venture deep into the city in order to kill your enemies. Even if it is brutal, Burning Thirst is just amazing to play as a whole, and it clearly manages to show the dedication, commitment and passion that humankind has in order to achieve its goals.

While there are many things to like about this game, the soundtrack is particularly interesting, and it's a blast to play the game only for it alone.

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