Call of Duty - United Offensive Single Player Demo
Publisher: Activision
Size: 220 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 1,018
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8 out of 10
Category: Demo Games
Call Of Duty - United Offensive is a first person shooter game fulfilled with cinematic war-shooting action and packed by stunning graphics. This version was developed by Gray Matter Interactive and published by Activision.

The United Offensive demo comes with a prime action representation to the entire game. Starting on a short defending mission, then an extreme jeep ride through enemy bases, and eventually into a brutal exchanging gunfire around the foxholes. Follow orders from your commander to accomplish all mission objectives more easily and more quickly.


  • W, A, S, D, Q, E = Move and Lean.
  • R = Reload weapon
  • F = Take/use weapon
  • CTRL, Spasi, C = Prone, Stand, Crouch.
  • Alt, Tab = Sprint, View objectives.
  • Left click, Right click = Shoot, Focus on shot target.
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