Candles 1.1
Publisher: Lasse Westmark Nielsen
Size: 101.1 MB
OS: Windows Vista/7
Total Download: 6,805
User Rating:

7.1 out of 10
Category: Horror Games
Horror games manage to bring us through the unique, exciting world of fear. Fearing stuff, ideas or emotions is a normal thing, but Candles is a game that will try to bring you intensity, excitement and a ton of scary moments design specifically for fans of the genre.

At its core, Candles comes with a very simple story, you are alone in a large house and your only purpose is to get to the basement as fast as possible in order to win.

But this is not all that happens. The house you need to explore is filled with a variety of nasty, downright scary creatures that are dwelling in the dark, so you will always need to avoid them while also trying to find the route to the basement as fast as possible.

The core mechanic of the game is that in order to scare the enemies away you will need to light a candle in the house and then go back into your basement then refuel the generator. Lighting candles is a process that can be a little hard to achieve at times because of the numerous enemies, but at the same time this is what actually makes Candles such as standout game, the fact that you might never know what needs to be done and which challenges you will have to face!

You will need to go as fast as possible to the safety of any candle if you want to get your house back, and at the same time you need to scout for glowing eyes, as this will show you that the little creatures presented there are set on killing you.

Candles is an adventure game at heart, but the horror element included in it certainly manages to make the game stand out and obtain more impressive results.

At its core, Candles comes with some very simple notions that are fleshed out as you play, but the core idea remains, that the game is designed specifically to provide you with fast, yet very elaborate scares. There are quite a lot of puzzles in Candles, but most of the time you will praise the uniqueness and large variety of items that you can find the game world.

Controls in Candles are simple and you don't do that many things other than move, jump and interact with things and items in the game world. Still, the creepy experience of just exploring the unknown territory is really exciting to say the least, so checking out this nice game can be a wonderful investment into your free time. Yes, the game does have a few issue and yes, it might not be the most interesting and exciting experience out there, but it does come with some really unique concepts such as using candles to avoid sudden death or trying to reach the basement despite not having any light inside the house.

Candles is a great game if you want a few scares, but it's also a title that heavily emphasizes on the strategies that you use in order to succeed. Sure, it could be a lot better, but it manages to bring a fantastic experience overall, and it should definitely be commended for that. All in all, Candles is a fun, yet very scary game, so you should think twice if you are scared easily. Otherwise, Candles is well worth your time and rest assured that you are in for a very tense, yet exciting outcome.


W-A-S-D keys - Movement
Space key - Jump
Left mouse button - Interact

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