Chaos Faction 2
Publisher: Armor Games
Size: 26.7 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
Total Download: 3,555
User Rating:

10 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Chaos Faction 2 is a cartoon-action game that combines platformer and fighting genres. There can be many number of characters get involved in a fight, so it seems like little fighter game if you ever play it. Instead it uses cartoon characters that can be edit. The main misson is just simple, ie by defeating all enemies on the screen.

Before start playing, you will have to choose one from three characters: Zach, Dexter, and Punk. Then choose a zone and a location. After that, be prepared for playing. Use arrow keys to move left, move right, jump, and shield. Whereas Z an X are used for attack.

In campaign mode, you must work together with friend for total score. Make sure at the end of each fight session you get higher score than rivals'. Take the advantage of combos and weapons as they will help much to hit oppponents and gain scores.

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