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Publisher: GameTop
Size: 26.2 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 6,142
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8.4 out of 10
Category: Racing Games
City Racing is a 3D car racing game with different story. The main focus of the game is not just for racing, but also for exploring around the city and for fixing/upgrading the car. The player tends to take adventure than race.

In the first play, you will only get a broken car. It need an emergency repair and money is needed for that purpose. The easiest way to get money is by delivering passengers to the destination. Just drive around the city to seek people waving at the roadside, then bring them to their landing places by following the arrow sign on top of the screen. Doing that will get you some money that can be used to fix, upgrade or repaint your car at the workshop. The other way is by joining some street races.

Beware not to hurt anybody at the street since it will increase your criminal level and the police will chase you wherever you go until you are arrested. Also, try to avoid crashing other cars because it will need more money for fixing the car. Escaping from police chase is also an interesting thing to enjoy.


  • Arrow keys = Drive.
  • Spacebar = Handbrake.
  • R = Reset car
  • C = Change view
  • B = Look behind
  • I = Show informaton window
  • Tab = Access the top list
  • F1 = Help
  • Esc = Menu
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