Clockwork Crokinole
Publisher: Mangores
Size: 35.1 MB
OS: Windows
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5 out of 10
Category: Other Games
Clockwork Crokinole is a board game in which players compete to reach the highest scores by positioning their discs on high scoring zones. Each player may try minimizing the value of opponent's discs by knocking them off so they go out of the arena.

You can use only mouse to play this game. Move your mouse to the left or right to change disc position and to adjust angle/direction, then click and hold to start to set the power, then release to perform a shot. In the Standard game, player needs to click again when the power needle points to the red sign. This affects the accuracy of shot direction.

If there are no opponent's discs on the board, you can place your disc on any area as you wish. Otherwise you must hit opponent's disc. If failed, your disc will be removed. Also if a disc goes out of the board, it will be removed.

In Classic mode, a player wins if his score reaches 100 points. While in Arcade mode, the player goal is to achieve as high a score as possible.

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