Codename: Panzers - Demo 2
Publisher: CDV Software Entertainment
Size: 233.7 MB
OS: Windows
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Category: Demo Games
This is a demo of Codename: Panzers, developed by Stormregion and published in 2004 by CDV Software Entertainment. Codename: Panzers focuses on controlling a group of troops consisting of various units such as rifle squad, anti tank squad, sub-machine gunners, sniper, armored vehicles, etc.

The demo provides two free campaign including a tutorial level for beginner that wants to learn how to play the game, and the main level that presents the atmosphere of world war 2 in 1944 at Normandy, France. You will play as Lt. Jefrey Wilson to lead 5 squad of troops with the objectives of capturing the targetted area which has fallen under control of the Germans. The first mission is to destroy the heavy artillery near the landing place. After that, move the squads to take control of a nearby small town and maintain position until the next troops arrives.

Codename: Panzers is a tactical real time strategy game where the control of the game is mostly done with the mouse. Select one or several troops by dragging on them, then right click on another area so that they will move to that position, or right-click on some enemies to give an attack command. It is also possible to create a selection shortcut by pressing CTRL+number and reselect them later by pressing the number.

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