Counter-Strike 2D
Publisher: Unreal Software
Size: 20.1 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 52,432
User Rating:

9.4 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Counter-Strike 2D
Counter-Strike 2D
Counter-Strike 2D is a 2D version of popular Counter-Strike game. Cs2d provides single player mode (offline mode) to play against bots, and multiplayer mode to play via LAN or internet.

As 2d game, you only see from top to down, letting you see larger area around the soldier you are playing including inside a building around you.

The file size is small, but it has more features such as chat, map editor, more scenarios, new maps, and weapons.

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9.4 out of 10
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By: so cool, on November 10, 2017
wtf is so cool
"It's a very good game excellent"
By: Good, on January 16, 2019
God game no other game is not like this game
By: Ayan, on January 16, 2019
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