Crazy Racing Cars 2.0   pick
Publisher: MyPlayCity
Size: 23.1 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 8,704
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9.5 out of 10
Category: Racing Games
Drive like famous racers at lightning speeds. Step into the world of high speeds in this exciting racing game, Crazy Racing Cars! The game offers a variety of cars, such as beemer, mars, cylinder, bullet and rage, which have their own specs as well as stats (speed, acceleration, handle and weight).

Game modes are including Quick Race and Tournaments. There are 15 different tracks for you to choose from, each having 4 laps to complete and 3 opponents to compete with. The tracks include a wide variety of sceneries, such as countryside, Wild West, winter, train city and even military base! However, do take note that the AI cars in this game are ridiculously fast and they drive flawlessly. So, it may take quite a long while before you can be good enough to actually compete with them.

Tournaments are a little bit different than Quick Races and are provided with 2 difficulty settings - normal and extreme. There are around 50 tours in tournaments and each of these tours has a different set of tracks as well as laps. You will be competing on all the tracks in the tour with the same 3 AI opponents and the cumulative score for the tour will determine your ranking. You may notice that most of the tours are locked. This is because in order to unlock new tours, cars and tracks (in Quick Race mode), you will need to win in some of the available tours first.

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