Crush the Castle TD
Publisher: Armor Games
Size: 38.4 MB
OS: Windows
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10 out of 10
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Strategy Games
Crush the Castle TD
Crush the Castle TD
Crush The Castle TD is a strategy game that is built on the historic background depicting ancient wars, battles and sieges. The game is based on a theme of a war between two kings; Redvonian King and King Blutias.

Theme and Story Line of the game

Long time ago Redvonian king attacked and conquered far off places with the help of a siege master. The siege master was loyal to the king Redvonian and the siege master was very powerful and artful regarding the warfare and battling strategies.

Siege Master destroyed everyone who stood in the way of his king. He demolished and crushed the castles of enemies of King Redvonian. The dead bodies of his enemies were buried beneath those castle's debris and dust. However, there survived a King called King Blutias. He revoked to revenge and revoked a great terrifying army to crush the King Redvonian.

The forces of King Blutias marched towards the castle of king Redvonian with the aim of crushing the Redvonian Empire. In this time of extreme worry and warriors, King Redvonian sought siege master as the only hope for the survivor of his kingdom and his people. With his forceful comeback, Siege Master came to the battle front and fought bravely for the king.

Game Play and Gaming Strategy

This is where the game play of Crush The Castle TD starts and you are fighting on the battlefield as the Siege Master to defend the Redvonian Empire from the intimidating army of Blutias King. Your mission is to save the Redvonian Empire by fighting strategically on the grounds. You must save your castles from the armies of enemies. Your primary weapons are your guard towers. These different types of guard towers have different kinds of weaponry installed within each of them. Each tower has its own ranges and characteristics. Place the towers strategically in the way of the enemy to kill them. You must find the right combination of towers together with their right placement in the battlefield to ensure the best possible defense.

Features of the game

Crush The Castle TD is a game with wide features. You will find simple arrow throwing towers, high tech ballistic towers, catapult towers and mystic towers capable of attacking multiple enemy actors simultaneously. Not only you have to look about your fighting plans, you must advance your researches and technologies to imprint modern designs of attacking and defending. With research you will be able to erect more powerful, strong and deadly towers with extreme armaments. At the same time, you must work on the different institutions of the army, government, infrastructure and development.

Crush The Castle TD will bring you to a world of new enriching experience of extreme warlike responsibilities as if you were fighting a real war. You must remain vigilant at the battle front, keep your research going into the labs, and revolutionize the fighting practices in armories and backing up your finances with the captured goods. During game play you would get gold for each enemy killed and then would use that gold for standing new towers. So, to save your empire, align a cobweb of your fighting towers, research labs and above all have proper planning and strategy.

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