Deity 2
Publisher: Digipen
Size: 180.7 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 208
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Category: Action Games
This game is a continuation of the previous Deity game where this time the enemy's ability becomes higher and the number also increases.

In Deity, you will carry out attacks using stealth tactics and strategies. The creature of Deity is very sensitive to the light and he can be easily defeated by enemies when he meets them directly.

Therefore he must hide in the light source and then attack suddenly if an enemy walks and approaches the light source where he is hiding.

The last enemy you will face is a very deadly angel with wings. Avoid running near her and stay hidden in the torches on the wall while devising your attack tactics.


  • Left click = Move.
  • Right click = Shadow rift - teleporting through shadow.
  • Hold right-click, then perform left-click = Chain rift - Perform more than one teleport/attack at a time.
  • Middle mouse button = Cancel chains.
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