Dragon Fist 3
Publisher: Ben Olding Games
Size: 12.6 MB
OS: Windows
Requirements:Adobe Flash Player
Total Download: 18,303
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9.4 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Dragon Fist 3 is a side scroller battling game with an oriental flavor. In the Dragon Fist 3 game you tackle the piece of one of a few diverse contenders and fight some way or another through adversaries until you achieve the last match. The Game play are basic however well done and they give the game an one of a kind vibe.

Step by step instructions to Play:

Playing the Dragon Fist 3 is a great deal like playing the other predecessors. You tackle the piece of one of various contenders. Every warrior in Dragon Fist 3 has a punch and a kick then an exceptional weapon that they can haul out and utilization. In Dragon fist 3 gameplayer uses the An and D keys to move left and right over the screen and uses the W key to bounce. In terms of battling you punch with the T key, kick with the Y key and square with the S Key. Beside fundamental assaults you likewise have a weapon which you draw with the U key.

When you have the weapon drawn you can toss it and after that lift it up when it has fallen on the ground.. Alongside these typical assaults certain key blends can be utilized to perform unique moves when playing Dragon Fist 3 matches. You can compass, utilize an uncommon assault and even get your rival when you utilize the unique key blends.

The incredible thins is that while you can play a variety of characters, you don't need to remember uncommon key blends for each of them which makes playing diverse characters a great deal less demanding. While it might not have the most progressive design on the planet, it utilizes what it needs to make an exceptionally eye satisfying combative technique battling game. Alongside the charming design playing Dragon Fist 3 game can be anything but difficult to learn on the grounds that you don't need to learn new moves for every character.

While you utilize the same console charges for each character, each of the characters has diverse weapons that make them novel. Two individuals can play together on the same console which implies you don't need to have two PCs for individuals to play together.

On the off chance that you like combative technique battling recreations like Mario Street Fighter or Street Fighter II glimmer, then you will have an incredible time playing Dragon Fist 3.


W-A-S-D keys: to move jump and block.
T,Y,U keys: to attack

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9.4 out of 10
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"Good game"
By: Ali Salim, on February 22, 2017
it's good for reflection children training.
"Good Game"
By: SeNuKa, on January 1, 2023
Good Game Thanks Free Games 33.comoo
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