Dust Racing 2D v2.1.1
Publisher: Jussi Lind
Size: 24.2 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 832
User Rating:

7.1 out of 10
Category: Racing Games
Dust Racing 2D is a car racing game made by Jussi Lind. It was firstly published in 2012. This game is free and open source.

There are 11 racing cars that you will challenge on drift races in 8 available tracks. Every time you succesfully finish a race at the top 6, a new track is unlocked and it is ready to play on.

In addition to normal race, there are other race modes such as time trial, duel, and split screen mode. You can also create new tracks through the level editor. Control the car simply by using the keyboard arrow keys.


  • To race faster, increase the difficulty level. Go to "Settings - Difficulty" in the main menu.
  • You can also change the lap count through the Settings menu.
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