Epic War 5
Publisher: Kongregate
Size: 38.4 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 2,384
User Rating:

8 out of 10
Category: Action Games
Epic War 5 is a duel game between two armies until one of the heroes or their leader is killed. Your troops will come from the left and the opposing troops from the right.

Keep your heroes from dying so that the game continues and you have the opportunity to finish off the opponent's hero.

You can click on a unit or hero and place a flag in any locations along the stripe so that the chosen ones will go to that location and attack all enemies in between.

Another way to control is by using shortcuts. Press X or Z to command all troops to attack or retreat. This is the easiest way to control troops.

Press 1 to 7 to select a unit individually. Or press C to Select all units except the hero, and V for including the hero. Then press N or B to command the selected ones to advance or retreat.

If your hero is almost dead, press S to tell him to retreat or also upgrade his health by clicking on the yellow box.

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