FEAR - Single Player Demo
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Size: 646.7 MB
OS: Windows
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Category: Demo Games
FEAR, which stands for First Encounter Assault Recon is a horror first person shooter game published by Sierra Entertainment in 2005. Playing FEAR seems like playing SWAT game added with super soldier enemies.

Players will take an action-adventure game in a lab facility aimed for supranatural research. At the end of a level, you will encounter the super soldier that is really not easy to kill. But the developer gives you extra ability for a solution, the slowmo feature by pressing CTRL makes everything to slow down. It lets you take enough time to adjust the shoot point in order to shoot more accurately. In addition, saving heavy bullets to be used to confront the boss could be a good tactic.

In this demo version, you are given a mission to find and neutralize Paxton Fettel, the main cause of all chaos. Be careful, his highly-trained soldiers are guarding at every corner. They tend to throw grenades towards you immediately, and then followed by brutal shots continuously. Fast and lethal action is need here. Use good tactics before attacking. Press F5 and F9 to quickly save or load the game progress.

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