Facade 1.1b
Publisher: Interactive Story
Size: 167.4 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 16,297
User Rating:

8.2 out of 10
Category: Adventure Games
Adventure games are always nice and exciting, but they also offer a variety of interesting choices to be made at all times. Facade is a nicely created game that basically presents itself as an artificial intelligence and research experiment in an electronic form.

What Facade basically does is that it presents you with a very interesting type of drama that is presented in an interactive fashion which you are bound to appreciate at all times. Facade has an interesting, different art style that manages to stand out thanks to its unique and impressive looks, but at the same time I feel that this helps the game quite a lot.

Having artificial intelligence working here in an amazing way is very impressive, and the best part about it is that the game also showcases the emotional support and the interaction between characters as well as a drama managed plot. It's nice to see a game that focuses on dramatic sequences rather than action.

In Facade you can find a very interesting, quite an unique real time 3D virtual world that is filled with lots of stuff to do, and the gameplay is just plain extraordinary to say the least.

The computer characters have a life and mind of their own, and because of that it's very interesting to interact with them. The first person perspective you can find in this game just makes everything very immersive and you will definitely like the results for sure. It's nice and just plain extraordinary to explore a vivid, extraordinary game world in first person, and I have to say that the game does a masterful job in getting all these things right to day the least.

With Facade you can actually get to know and interact with the human life, the ideas and all the cool stuff that you will enjoy. It's very nice and exciting to see how the whole set of elements blend together in a masterful and delightful way. You will also enjoy the great graphics and the wide range of interesting, unique ideas that you can check out in this title for sure.

There aren't that many sounds here, but they are nice and manage to bring in front a very interesting cohesive experience that you are bound to like for sure. All in all, Facade is a game well worth your time, and since it's available for free, you do not need to pay anything.

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8.2 out of 10
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