Fire 1.2.1
Publisher: Stephane Mitermite
Size: 12.7 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 641
User Rating:

10 out of 10
Category: Puzzle Games
Fire is a puzzleventure with instinctive riddle outline. Without losing numerous words it recounts a brutally clever story. Venture into the Stone Age and face the most difficult undertaking of this time: The quest for flame!

In this game, your central goal is easy to attempt to and put out all the flames. Not to hazard your life by confronting the blazes, two radio-controlled progressive instruments are available to you : a ball impervious to the most elevated temperatures to smother the flares and a magnificent box.

FIRE is a 3D psyche game. The objective of the diversion is basic: you must stop the icendies with a ball and a case. Shockingly, these instruments don't move in an impeccable manner - they stop just when they meet a deterrent which will muddle your assignment.

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