FlatOut Demo
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Size: 167.1 MB
OS: Windows
Total Download: 580
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Category: Demo Games
In FlatOut, you can race in any way you want, rough and tough such as in demolition derby races. The tracks are overrun by various tricky obstacles that can cause hard crashes or getting out of track easily.

FlatOut emphasizes on rough races. Physical condition of the cars is visualized in real ways especially when the cars get damaged or destroyed after collisions. If you want to have fun and release your stress and boredom, playing FlatOut can do such a favor for you.


  • Up-Down-Left-Right Arrow keys = Throttle - Brake - Left - Right.
  • CTRL = Nitro.
  • Spacebar = Handbrake.
  • C = Camera views.
  • B = Look back.
  • R = Reset.
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