Foobillard++ 3.42
Publisher: Foobillard
Size: 36.1 MB
OS: Windows XP and later
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10 out of 10
Category: Simulation Games,
Sports Games
Foobillard++ is a pool game with outstanding and unmatched ball physics. Although it has passed through several enhancements and changes by programmers across the world, the original program is still retained. An enhanced control of the mouse, touch movement, and keyboard is effected.

Foobillard++ is a lot more lifelike as it integrates real-life table movement and other improvements that make playing it real fun. The game has simple versions of 8ball, 9ball, Snooker, and Carom. Features of new version include:

  • tournament ready
  • screen-oriented control
  • realistic shots over other balls
  • new cut mode
  • more sound
  • new options
  • graphic optimization
  • more info in gameplay
  • many bug fixes
Program Start-up

You are instantly in the game as soon as you start it. But who starts the game (you or the computer) depends on the game mode finished. If the previously finished game in the tournament game is carom, the program begins with carom the next time. However, the first start of Foobillard++ is usually in 8-Ball player mode, and you would be the first player while the Computer is the player 2. The game's default skill level is set at medium.

Action Buttons

It should be noted that action buttons refer to keyboard strokes and they are used for special control modes in Foobillard++ :

  • F1 = help screen
  • F2 = change between normal view and bird view
  • F3 = switch from the so-called cue to cue-free view. You can see a virtual cue in the cue-view, which allows you to see the firing angle for the next strike. You can view the angles by moving the table.
  • F4 = to change from free to an external view. It is usually shown on the field's right side.
  • F6 = to change the current human player to the computer and vice versa (Just the player mode is changed).
  • F7 = to trackballs' actual movement
  • F9 = to prompt the computer to calculate your firing sequence based on your selected skill level. When you click F9, the computer proposes the shoot and carries it out, although you cannot see the setting.
  • F10 = to restart the current game ESC = to toggle the main menu
  • Other control modes in Foobillard++ are B, E, M, and S which are used to enable/disable the height of the cue mode, set the cut mode on the billiard ball, to toggle on or off the game ball position, and toggle on or the mouse shot respectively.
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